Our Services

Our Services

Equipment Repair

Repair services are available at every location with all the needed test equipment and parts for most routine repairs. Our staff is qualified to service your most basic portable and mobile equipment through the most complicated of systems.

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Maintenance Contracts

This program reserves access to our 24 hour emergency repair. Customers that operate critical infrastructure in 24 hour operations will greatly benefit from this exclusive access. In addition all subscriber units under the program receive priority service over standard repair request.

Learn which of our maintenance contracts best fit your needs

System Management

Managing a wireless network is a big job, but it doesn't have to be your job. Learn more about our System Management services.

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FCC Licensing

Communications and Electronics, Inc. works closely with a licensed frequency coordinator on current FCC licensing requirements. We can assist you with new applications, renewals, relocations, and modifications as well as help you prepare for the future.

Learn about what FCC licensing services we can assit you with

Warranty Information

Protect your two-way radio and products against normal wear and tear and more with one of our warranty plans.

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Our Certifications

Learn more about Communications & Electronics Inc.'s certifications and training.

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Radio & Device Management

For organizations and agencies who rely on two-way radios for critical, real-time communications performance cannot be compromised. The stakes are simply too high. It’s imperative to have the right resources and tools to address issues that could result in radio downtime or inefficiencies.

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Our Certifications

Service Specialist

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