Communications & Electronics, Inc (C&E) is a Tennessee Corporation formed in 1961 (Duns#006841175). The company was acquired by Glenn Hobbs in 1981. He remains the Owner/President of the company. Prior to acquiring C&E he worked for Motorola in sales and sales management for 9 years.

C&E has been a Motorola Service Station since 1963 and has been a Motorola dealer since the program was launched over 20 years ago. The company primary operations are Motorola Sales and Service organization with locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Dalton, Georgia and Motorola radio Network operator and radio rental provider. C&E is a privately held type C corporation and has been in existence since 1963 and under the current management since 1981.

Communications & Electronics, Inc. has several alliances:

  • Motorola Two-Way Dealer
  • Motorola Authorized Service Provider
  • Motorola Manufacturers Representative
  • Vertex Two-Way Dealer
  • Zetron Authorized Dealer
  • Raytheon JPS Authorized Dealer
  • Pyramid Communications
  • Tessco Dealer

The Motorola alliances provide a key part of the products and service that C&E can provide. Motorola provides the top products in the communications industry as well as engineering and depot product support. Products range from Two-way radio products:

  • fixed and mobile
  • dispatch solutions
  • broadband
  • video
  • inventory control

Product and Service Mix

Communications & Electronics, Inc has 5 technicians on staff specializing in fixed and mobile products. The technicians are Motorola certified in various specialties and allow the company to provide 24 hour/7 day service response. C&E has been servicing these type products for 48 years. C&E has been selling these types of products for over 20 years.

The key products were developed and sold by Motorola. The entire support infrastructure is provided by other vendors. Products include:

  • antennae
  • transmission lines
  • combiner/multicouplers
  • connectors
  • batteries
  • cables

Vendors include:

  • Decibel Corporation
  • Andrew Corporation
  • Belden Cable Company